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Compostable Bags

We at Bags4u want to help Planet earth by supplying compostable bags. The demand for these bags is increasing as more and more people want to help minimize the impact on the environment.


Compostable bags can do this as they can either be; mechanically recycled and get re-used after grinding, recrystallisation and re-granulation. Chemically Recycled meaning it converts back into lactic acid, purified, and polymerized again into 1st grade PLA resin. As well as Incinerating and getting transformed into clean energy. This way, the CO2 previously absorbed by the plants is released back again into the atmosphere.


Why Compostable bags are useful?

  • One of their advantages is that they have a high moisture transmission rate, including alcohol, fat and oil resistance.
  • These bags have a good transparency as well as a gloss finish.
  • A high seal strength.
  • Compostable bags also have a high mechanical strength however there still flexible.
  •  They are made from renewable plant resources which break down well making them certified to be compostable.
  •  An excellent aroma barrier.

What can compostable bags be used for?

  •  Greeting cards
  •  Stationary
  • Gift wrap
  • Dairy products
  • Perishable produce
  • Snacks
  • Bakery products
  • General wrapping


Bags4u will be providing customers with these economical bags as from April 2018. These Nativia PLA film bags will be sold as 30micron in multiple sizes as shown below.

115 x 220 + 30mm 118 x 164 + 30mm
130 x 175 + 30mm 135 x 130 + 30mm
139 x 186 + 30mm 145 x 140 + 30mm
150 x 145 + 30mm 155 x 216 + 30mm
160 x 155 + 30mm 166 x 229 + 30mm

All bags will have re-seal tape on the 30mm lip.