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Oxo Degradable

Oxo degradable bags are also provided by us at Bags4u. This film has become more of an interest as an increasing amount of people are wanting to do their part to help save the environment.


These bags are formulated from polypropylene cello film by adding processing conditions to increase the degradation of this film when discarded. These conditions include the availability of oxygen, natural light, pressure and slightly elevated temperatures over 30-40 degrees C, which is typical in landfill sites. Oxo degradable bags also degrade in the open air if the plastic is properly discarded as litter, this process is called abiotic oxidation and can take from 8-18 months. In oxygen rich atmospheres, microorganisms attack under enzymatic action and convert the final mineralisation of the material into water, CO2, methane and biomass.

Why Oxo degradable bags are useful?

  • It is easy to Incorporate into Production as there are no special techniques or handling of product requirement.
  • Cost Effective.
  • Oxo degradable bags are completely Recyclable making it easy for disposal as there are multiple methods.
  • These bags are Environmentally friendly as they are non-toxic and contain no regulated heavy metals.
  • Worldwide Government Mandated Requirements are met when making Oxo degradable.

What can Oxo degradable bags be used for?

  • Greeting cards
  • Stationary
  • Gift wrap
  • General wrapping


Bags4u will be providing customers with these economical bags as from April 2018. These Oxo degradable film bags will be sold as 30micron in multiple sizes as shown below.

115 x 220 + 30mm

118 x 164 + 30mm

130 x 175 + 30mm

135 x 130 + 30mm

139 x 186 + 30mm

145 x 140 + 30mm

150 x 145 + 30mm

155 x 216 + 30mm

160 x 155 + 30mm

166 x 229 + 30mm

All bags will have re-seal tape on the 30mm lip.